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Economic Impact

Increased savings and productivity

A typical customer saves on average 350 PHP per month thanks to the solar lantern. This is mainly due to savings on kerosene.

Customers have declared an additional 1500 PHP of earnings per month on average. These additional earnings come from improved productivity. For example, with lanterns farmers can better protect their crops and fisherfolk are more effective at attracting fish.

Educational Impact

Increased study and classroom time, test scores, and motivation

Study time per child going to school increases by 45% on average.

Teachers are able to work with children and make lesson plans when there is little or no natural light.

Additional savings and productivity help bring families out of perpetual poverty

Health and Safety Impact

Improved air quality, household safety, and natural disaster safety

95% of customers have the feeling that replacing kerosene with solar electricity has improved the quality of the air and 97% feel safer.

Replacing kerosene with solar energy eliminates the risks of severe burns and household fires, leaving families safer and parents more comfortable when their children study at night.

People can charge their mobile phones without having to walk many kilometers to a charging station, keeping them more connected and efficient with their time.

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With our lanterns, search and rescue teams can effectively ensure people's safety and provide early warning on floods through checking resevoirs at night.


Environmental Impact

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Cleaner air, less battery waste, more environmental education

97% of the parents think their children are more motivated to read and learn since they work with a solar lantern.

With proper lighting, health workers can now help mothers give birth throughout the night, decreasing infant mortality rates.

Exposing more people to clean and renewable energy helps promote environmental awareness and strengthens the hope of a sustainable future.

Every solar lantern reduces 130 kilograms of greenhouse gases per year, keeping air clean and safe.

With solar lanters, maritime and forest guards protect Filipino ecosystems from harmful waste.


Community Impact

More time and opportunities to come together

100% of people serveyed said that they now have more time to engage in community activities.

86% of households feel that domestic chores are easier to accomplish

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