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HSSi provides access by assembling hybrid value chains, which bridge the gaps that separate people and communities from the tools they need to achieve lasting progress. To build hybrid value chains, we implement a combination of commercial and social approaches, putting key elements of the product distribution chain in place nationwide:

ACCESS Program

The ACCESS Program aims to empower individuals, families and communities by providing them sustained access to electricity and basic durable consumables through sustained developmental services.  The goal is to establish lasting and self-sustaining partnership arrangements with like-minded organizations to ensure that HSSi products and support services are readily available to end-users and prospective clients within identified target areas.

-Product Accesibility


-Technical Training

-After-Sales Servicing

Ensures that the appropriate products needed by un-electrified Filipino communities are within their reach;

Ensures that they can avail of these needed products at reasonable costs, within their financial capacities.

Ensures that the ACCESS Program Team members are equipped to extend the necessary services for the satisfaction of their customers.  Also ensure that the ACCESS customers (end-users) are equipped to maintain and maximize the use of the ACCESS products.

Ensures that after-sales support (products and services) are available to the ACCESS customers, and ensures that the ACCESS Team is backed up with continuous institutional and training support.


To create a lasting impact, we build a Hybrid Value Chain

We are always looking to team up with local communities and like-minded organizations. If you are interested in working together to empower millions of Filipinos, click here and get in contact with us.

See the Impact

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How our ACCESS program makes empowerment possible

One of our closest like-minded organizations is Stiftung Solarenergie, which works with us to help finance and develop projects that are usually less profitable and of a larger scale, such as providing a school with solar generators.

-Innovative designs co-created with end-users


-Manufacturing for quality and durability


-Socially-oriented distribution


-Affordable and responsible financing terms


-Education in product use of empowerment


-Continuous and hassle-free technical service 

Advancing Citizen and Community Empowerment through Sustainable Solutions

We build a bridge to off-grid communities, providing them with sustainable access to financing, technical training, our network of partner organizations, solar products, and after-sales servicing.

World-class products are not enough to bring lasting change

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