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Impact Stories

Living in an off-grid barangay in Narra, Palawan, Lorna used to close her sari-sari store at 6pm every day. Now with a solar lamp, she can stay open until 10pm. The additional income from extended business hours helps support her large family of nine.

Whenever Emelda's husband and son, both fishermen, sail their bangka at night or before dawn, they use their ST2 as a navigation light to prevent collisions with other vessels. They also use its light to attract fish into their nets. Emelda says her son catches so many fish on these trips that she no longer needs to give him an allowance for school.

Children in rural villages typically use dangerous and hazardous kerosene lamps in order to do their homework. Solar energy enables them to study comfortably, cheaply, and above all, safely. One mother from Oriental Mindoro proudly shared an extraordinary story: within one semester of her purchase of a solar lamp, all four of her children became honor students!

One evening, Louvelina's neighbors came knocking on her door to report that a fight had broken out on the other side of the village. The neighbors wanted to help break up the fight, but it was too dark to venture out. Louvelina got her solar lamp and led her neighbors through the dark to where the fight occured. Many of her friends now want to acquire their own solar lamps!

The Philippines is an area where typhoons and flodds are common and often destructive. A customer in Barangay Sowangan, Narra, Palawan declared that she feels safer with a solar lamp because of the typhoon hazard. Indeed, as electrical lines are likely to be destroyed in case of disaster, owning a solar lamp can be crucial for the first aid period.

Noor-us Salam is a network of women that works together to advance peace and development in Muslim communities in the Philippines. Solar lamps were recently donated to them through the foundation for use in Basilan, Sulu, and Tawi-Tawi. The hope is for these lamps to serve as beacons - literally and figuratively - lighting up the path towards a future of prosperity and peace in these troubled areas.

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Extended Business Hours

Light for Navigation and Fishing

Healthy, High-Achieving Students

Village Patrol

Typhoon Safety

Light for Peace and Development

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The Story of Susana